Life Purpose Coaching

You’re ambitious and confused on which path to take in life.

I know that you know that you deserve a more fulfilling life than the one you have right now.

But, the truth is, you aren’t sure how to get from where you’re stuck now to living your life’s purpose. I see you, and I understand your pain.

What if I told you that you already have all of the answers within you to start living a life you can’t wait to wake up to each morning. Because that’s the truth – you do.

This is where I come in.

I’ve developed 2 transformational programs designed to take you from being overwhelmed and lacking a clear direction, to being in alignment with your dreams and desires. I’m trained to guide you toward embodying your life purpose.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Schedule your free discovery call at a time that works for you.
  2. Submit your application for my 1:1 coaching program.
  3. Meet me for 30 minutes to assess where you are, where you want to be, and how you’ll get there.
  4. Then, we’ll have sessions together via Zoom for 1 hour every 2 weeks.
  5. You will receive action steps given as homework to apply between our sessions together, as well as access to my personal email as additional support.
  6. Below you will find more information on the coaching programs, as well as the structure of each month. Naturally, the coaching becomes customized to fit your needs, so we can dive deeper or speed up some areas depending on what will serve you best.

This package is for the women who are tired of feeling overwhelmed, stuck in a lull, and lacking direction in their life.

She is beginning her self-awareness discovery and needs help diving deeper into what she is truly passionate about in life. She is interested in taking action towards personal development that will ultimately bring her to embody her highest self. She’s no longer interested in living her life below her potential.

This is a great option for women who have several limiting beliefs that are holding them back from feeling worthy of their dreams. This could include beliefs around money or not feeling “good enough” to achieve their goals. This program is also a good option for women who are struggling to find their voice.

Find Clarity

The 6-Month Transformation is suitable for women who need guidance bringing organization and focus to their wide array of ideas and projects. She might feel defeated that nothing seems to be progressing for her, even when she feels busy hustling all the time.

It’s Time to Expand

This package brings clients to experience unconditional self-love and alignment with their dreams and desires. She will uncover her superpowers, define her life’s mission statement, and walk away with purpose.

ONEVision and Clarity
TWOActivating the Dharma Blueprint
THREEGrounded Expansion
FOURUnique Expression
FIVE Sacred Reflection + Integration
SIX Dharma Embodiment and Alignment

For those who want to see a positive resolution to a current obstacle.

She needs to overcome a specific obstacle in a short-term timeline. She has a good sense of self-awareness, and is not afraid to commit to doing the work. This program is for women that need accountability on their ongoing self-discovery journey.

Feel Supported

This is a great option for women navigating through challenging life transitions such as break-ups and heartbreak, taking a U-turn in her career, or building the foundation for a new career.

Find your Voice

The 90-Day Sprint is also a good choice for women struggling with confidence, self-care, and maintaining a supportive daily routine. She will walk away feeling empowered and aware of her worth!

ONEDrafting the Vision
TWORelease and Receive
THREEReflect and Refine

6 Month Transformation

  • 1:1 private session every 2 weeks for 1 hour (12 total)
  • 30-minute discovery call
  • Pre-program intention and goal setting
  • Weekly journal prompts + reflections
  • Personal email support as needed
  • Custom action steps to take between sessions
  • Reliable accountability
  • A safe space to be seen, heard, and understood
  • A life changing transformation
  • Monthly payment plan available

90 Day Sprint

  • 1:1 private session every 2 weeks for 1 hour (6 total)
  • 30-minute discovery call
  • Pre-program intention and goal setting
  • Weekly journal prompts + reflection
  • Personal email support as needed
  • Custom action steps to take between sessions
  • Reliable accountability
  • A safe space to be seen, heard, and understood
  • A positive solution to overcome your current obstacle
  • Monthly payment plan available

What my Clients are Saying


“There’s a reason why Grayson’s podcast is titled “Sweet Clarity” because that is truly what she embodies. Over the past few months Grayson has shown a light into my soul’s purpose. She has educated me with different tools and has guided me towards catalysts which have allowed me to uncover deeper callings within myself. She planted seeds, encouraged me to grow, and held me accountable to lean into trusting my life path during a time when I found it difficult to find vision. If you feel called to work with Grayson, trust your intuition. You are about to see into your journey with clarity, feel into your path with purpose and discover a deeper sense of trust than ever before!”
Bali, Indonesia


Grayson has been absolutely incredible to work with on my healing journey. She brings such a calming and soothing energy to the table. I have felt safe exploring even the darkest corners of my subconscious with her, and many of the breakthrough healing revelations I’ve had have occurred in sessions with her or right after. I cannot recommend working with her enough. Her coaching sessions have changed my life and helped me start to embody my dharma (like she is so clearly embodying hers)!

Los Angeles, CA


Grayson has been so awesome to work with. She helped me identify my blockers and work towards my vision. She wrote out a plan to help me achieve my goals and I could not be more thankful for her positive, uplifting, & motivating energy in living out my purpose.

San Francisco, CA


I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by the lovely Grayson. She made me feel safe and understood, while opening my eyes to seeing things in a new light and encouraging me in taking steps in a direction that truly serves me. After every session I felt so much lighter, inspired and ready to take action! Thank you, Grayson, for being your passionate, loving, courageous and free-spirited self. Thank you for encouraging others to shine their light as bright as you do.

Stuttgart, Germany


Every time I coach with Grayson, I gain a brand new perspective on something. She makes it easy to draw connections between the present moment and my highest self. When I speak with her, I come out of the session clear-minded and feeling relaxed. She holds such sacred space, making me feel truly respected and listened to.

Chicago, IL