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For hard working women hustling down the wrong life path.

Intuitively guided Life Purpose Coaching to offer you clarity, direction, and empowerment.

WHAT IF you could…

  • know how to access your body’s wisdom to follow your soul’s guidance.
  • knew that you were worthy of living your dream life.
  • take the pressure off of yourself to have everything “figured out”.
  • stop fearing the unknown and being afraid of making the wrong choice.
  • experience what your soul came here for.

I’m here to show you that all of this is possible for you…and much, much more.

By joining my 1:1 coaching program, you’re proving to yourself that things get to be different now. You are choosing to have a life that you are proud of living. 

During these 3-6 months, you’ll step into the driver’s seat and become the leader of your life. I am here to help you reach new levels of clarity, purpose, and fulfillment that you didn’t even know were possible for you.


Free Discovery Call

30 minutes, risk free! Find out exactly where you are now, where your heart is pulling you, and if we’d make a good team together.


1:1 Coaching Programs

Life-Purpose, Self-Love, & Spiritual Life Coaching all in one. Learn how to embody your highest self and so much more.


Retreats in Bali

Discover your purpose on a Clarifino Holistic Retreat. Immerse yourself in a 7-day all-inclusive transformation in Bali.

What Exactly is Life Purpose Coaching?

The focus of life purpose coaching is to support you in discovering the path that will bring you the most fulfillment in your life and taking action to embody it.

As a certified life purpose coach, I will shine a light on your unique gifts, remind you of your inherent worth, guide you towards your soul’s purpose, and empower you to push past your comfort zone with ease.

This style of coaching goes beyond just the mindset, and dives deep into the integration of the body and soul with the help of somatics and spirituality.

Living your purpose during this lifetime is not a selfish dream, but rather your birthright!

My 1:1 Coaching is Right for you if…

  • You are excited to be held accountable for making positive changes in your life that will lead you closer to fulfillment and purpose.
  • You are ready to be shown a mirror into your soul, illuminating all your light and shadows.
  • You are not afraid to invest in yourself and your dreams.
  • You are able to commit to being coached and prepared to put in the necessary work to transform your life.

My 1:1 Coaching is NOT Right for you if…

  • You are not willing to undergo some growing pains in the process of uncovering your truth.
  • You are not able to express yourself openly and honestly with me and to yourself.
  • You are not able to commit to yourself or our time together.

What my Clients are Saying

“My experience with Grayson was nothing short of amazing. In 6 short months, she helped me change my outlook on life and love who I am.”  “Her energy and wisdom always leaves me feeling inspired that I am capable and worthy of having everything I desire in this life. I’m so grateful and honored to know her and have the opportunity to learn from her!”



“I always felt heard and guided in a gentle way as I navigated through some areas I wanted to work on.” 

“I learned so many things about myself through this process. I think my biggest takeaway was learning to change my perspective in the face of what may seem like set backs or failures. I now see that they are experiences to help grow me as a person and support others going through similar experiences.”


“Grayson is such a light and joy to work with! I loved her gentle approach to help guide me to my purpose. Every time we sat down during our sessions, she always welcomed me with a calm and understanding presence that allowed me to open up so we could dive deep to find my hearts calling. We worked through so many great topics such as current roadblocks to unique gifts I didn’t know existed within me. With her guidance, I have not only found my purpose, but also have practical goals in place to live that purpose.”


“There’s a reason why Grayson’s podcast is titled “Sweet Clarity” because that is truly what she embodies. Over the past few months Grayson has shown a light into my soul’s purpose. She has educated me with different tools and has guided me towards catalysts which have allowed me to uncover deeper callings within myself. She planted seeds, encouraged me to grow, and held me accountable to lean into trusting my life path during a time when I found it difficult to find vision. If you feel called to work with Grayson, trust your intuition. You are about to see into your journey with clarity, feel into your path with purpose and discover a deeper sense of trust than ever before!”

Bali, Indonesia


Grayson has been absolutely incredible to work with on my healing journey. She brings such a calming and soothing energy to the table. I have felt safe exploring even the darkest corners of my subconscious with her, and many of the breakthrough healing revelations I’ve had have occurred in sessions with her or right after. I cannot recommend working with her enough. Her coaching sessions have changed my life and helped me start to embody my dharma (like she is so clearly embodying hers)!

Los Angeles, CA


Grayson has been so awesome to work with. She helped me identify my blockers and work towards my vision. She wrote out a plan to help me achieve my goals and I could not be more thankful for her positive, uplifting, & motivating energy in living out my purpose.

San Francisco, CA


I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by the lovely Grayson. She made me feel safe and understood, while opening my eyes to seeing things in a new light and encouraging me in taking steps in a direction that truly serves me. After every session I felt so much lighter, inspired and ready to take action! Thank you, Grayson, for being your passionate, loving, courageous and free-spirited self. Thank you for encouraging others to shine their light as bright as you do.

Stuttgart, Germany


Every time I coach with Grayson, I gain a brand new perspective on something. She makes it easy to draw connections between the present moment and my highest self. When I speak with her, I come out of the session clear-minded and feeling relaxed. She holds such sacred space, making me feel truly respected and listened to.

Chicago, IL

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